We invite you to join DSACK Club 21; the fundraising society of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky.

Join our story and be part of the next great chapter!




Join our story and be part of the next great chapter!

Welcome to DSACK Club 21!

If the people who form this society didn't exist, neither would DSACK.

DSACK Club 21 members do two things:

#1. They believe that people with Down syndrome are valuable members of our community who deserve to live, work, play and learn just like everyone else; and

#2. They prove the above belief by giving at least $5 to DSACK every month.

This investment ensures that DSACK's programs continue to be offered free of charge, because we believe no family should ever be prohibited from participating in our life-changing programs due to financial circumstances.

Our Great Story continues to unfold. Become part of the next chapter by making a recurring monthly donation.

IMPORTANT! Recurring donations can help you build your Walk team totals. Simply type in the individual's name your gift honors.


Givers who contribute $1,200 or more per year ($100+ monthly donation) will be invited to an exclusive special event the following year.**

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